Apples and Cherries

Original Watercolor
7 x 11
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$75's certainly been awhile since I've sat here to post on my blog. 
Getting ready for this one artist show has consumed my free time.  ALL the paintings  and drawings are done now, (framed, priced, and cataloged)... ready to pack into crates for the trip to the David Strawn Art Gallery in Jacksonville, Ill on Sunday.

They will be hanging everything (all 63 Original Drawings and Watercolors) this next next week. The show will hang through the month of November.  They are all photographed and uploaded to my Portfolio if you would like to take a peek.

I will be teaching a drawing workshop earlier in the day on November 6th and I still have some preparation to complete for that. Normally my workshops are at the very least a full day, sometimes two days. 

This little workshop is only 4 hours.  Getting my information cut down and still insuring they come away with the basics of what they need has been a challenge.  I don't expect them to complete a drawing but do want them to know and understand the techniques I use.

Getting the Original Paintings and Drawings done for this show and preparing for the workshop has proven to be a huge undertaking and some things just had to be laid aside.  I've missed writing and missed all of you who leave comments and send emails.  I've even been remiss in answering some of my emails.  I've felt as though in some ways I've abandoned my little community of followers and I apologize.

Thus..."Coming up for Air".  The art is ready and it is such a relief.  In order to keep my focus and my creativity channeled I had to submerge myself and allot all my free time to this project.  It's amazing that now as it comes to completion that I still have that adrenalin flow.  I guess I simply have not come down yet.  I just pray it lasts through the show.  November 6 is going to be a long day with the workshop and the opening night!

I then fly out on the following Monday to visit my Daughter in New York for a week.  (I think I will pack my pillow for the plane ride.)

I thank you always for your support and encouragement.

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I would love to have you come to the Opening Reception at the David Strawn Art Gallery on Saturday November 6th, from 6-8pm.  You can access a map at the following link.  Feel free to contact me for additional information.

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