Guidelines for taking photographs:   Whether you are planning to take photographs specifically for your commissioned drawing, or plan to use a favorite photograph that you already will find the "Photography Guidelines" listed below helpful.  If after reading these you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Indoor Photography:
1.  Inside photos are great if your camera will take a clear, detail-filled image
     without the use of a flash.
2.  Please...use natural light (no flash);  side lighting is best. Try taking 
     some of your photographs near a window...but do not have the subject
     facing the window.

Outdoor Photography:
3.  If you plan to take your photographs outside...a cloudy, but reasonably
     bright day is good because you will have nice soft shadows.
4.  On bright sunny days take photos in the shade, or with the sun a little to
     the back and side, to avoid squinting.
     ...mid mornings or late afternoons are best.
     ...Soft shadows on the face are a good thing.
     ...Please try to avoid harsh shadows on the face, as they sometimes tend
        to hide detail. If this is unavoidable, try using a "low key" fill-flash.  
        Note: In this situation, give me a photo with and without the fill-flash.

General Photography Guidelines: 
5.  Fill the lens with the subject.
6.  Where the portrait is to be "three-quarter" or "full length," also take
     some close-up shots of the head and face, before the subject moves! 
     Making sure the head  is at least close to the same angle as in the 
     "full length" photograph you just took!
7.  Make sure you always get some additional close-up shots of the facial
     features, especially the eyes and mouth.

8.  When you are photographing pets or children,     
      ...keep the camera at their eye level or  below. 
      ...Sit in a chair or get on the ground if necessary. 
9.  Take lots and lots of photos from different angles and in different
      lighting situations.
      ...Don't skimp here; digital photos are cheap!! 
      ...You can never take too many and you can never send me too many!
10. Don't pose them all...try some candid shots. 
      ...Those unplanned photos will often "say" the most amazing things in 
         a drawing. 
11. I can't say it's all about the detail...detail, detail, detail. 

Camera Settings and Misc.
12. Use the highest resolution your camera supports.
13. Save the images in "extra fine jpeg."
14. Do not crop your photos.
15. Take your photos in color.
16. Your digital references can be emailed if the image is not "downsized" 
      in the process, I need to have the largest file size your camera can 
      give me....if this is an issue, your photos should be copied to a CD
      and sent by regular mail.
17. Any traditional paper photos can be scanned at 300dpi or greater
      and emailed, or of course, photo copied and sent by regular mail. 
18. not send me your
"Treasured one-of-a-kind Family
You need to have them either scanned or
      photocopied, which ever produces the best image.

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