My Baby (large)

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My Baby  (large) by Marsha Robinett Carbon Pencil ~ 11 x 10

Medium: Carbon Pencil on Paper
Size: 11 x 10
Price: $59.00 USD

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Artist Comments

"My Baby"

I was at the park when I saw this young woman and her new puppy. I watched from a distance while they played, then she picked the puppy up and carried it on her shoulder like a "baby". She would hold it down in her arms , talking to it and giving kisses...then put it back up on her shoulder again.

The puppy was a large breed, with a reddish color to it's coat...perhaps a Golden or an Irish Setter. I watched them for a long time, taking lots of photos using a telephoto lens.

She got into her car and left before I could get her name of the name of her "baby". I've thought of them often. It was a very touching moment, witnessing the love between this young women and her puppy.

SMALL PRINT also available

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